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Live Updates: Vladimir Putin’s 2021 Year-End Annual Press Conference

Live Updates: Vladimir Putin’s 2021 Year-End Annual Press Conference

Putin started the tradition of holding a year-end press event in 2001. This year, the president is holding an offline presser, but the number of journalists has been limited to around 500 due to the pandemic. International issues are expected to be in the spotlight, including relations with the US and Europe, as well as the situation in Ukraine.Russian President Vladimir Putin holds his annual press conference in Moscow. Journalists from Russian and foreign media outlets have gathered for a Q&A session. According to presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Putin will be answering all their questions “until the very end”.Follow Sputnik’s Live Feed to Find Out More!New firstOld first13:10 GMT 23.12.2021Putin Ends His Annual Conference After Almost Four Hours of Q&AThe event lasted for 3 hours and 56 minutes, as Putin answered 55 questions from both Russian and foreign journalists.13:08 GMT 23.12.2021Putin on Potential Recognition of Taliban: Russia Working With Partners on Consolidated Approach

Putin on Potential Recognition of Taliban: Russia Working With Partners on Consolidated ApproachYesterday, 13:07 GMT12:40 GMT 23.12.2021Putin Convinced China Will Inevitably Become Number One Economy in the World

"They cannot hold back the development of China. The Chinese economy is already larger than the US economy in terms of purchasing power parity. China will inevitably become the world's top economy in all other respects. But you have to understand this", he said.

12:38 GMT 23.12.2021Political Boycott of Beijing Olympics Unacceptable and Wrong, Putin Notes

Putin Slams ‘Unacceptable’ US Boycott of Beijing Winter Games as Attempt to Hold Back China’s GrowthYesterday, 12:42 GMT12:36 GMT 23.12.2021Sanctions Show West Doesn’t Care About Crimeans or Democracy, Putin Says

"It is a strange situation: if someone thinks that Crimea is occupied then Crimeans are victims of aggression. So why are they being punished more? But if they chose to rejoin Russia in a referendum then it is a display of democracy. Are they [the West] fighting democracy?" Putin said. "The answer is: they don't give a damn about the interests of Crimeans and Russia or democracy. They are pursuing their geopolitical agenda. That's all. We understand it and we will respond accordingly".

12:22 GMT 23.12.2021Putin Says Italy Could Play Role in Normalising Russia-EU Ties12:13 GMT 23.12.2021Putin: Women’s Sports Will Cease to Exist if Men Who Have Changed Their Sex Are Allowed to Compete12:13 GMT 23.12.2021Russia Should Look for ‘Effective Antidote’ to Non-Traditional Values From Abroad, Putin Says

Russia Should Look for ‘Effective Antidote’ to Non-Traditional Values From Abroad, Putin SaysYesterday, 12:12 GMT12:09 GMT 23.12.2021Putin Hopes Russia Will Continue Cooperation With Kazakhstan on Baikonur Cosmodrome

"We will continue to work together with Kazakhstan on Baikonur. There are many issues, nevertheless, I agree with the question formulated by our Kazakh friends that Kazakhstan, if we work together, should not just be a platform for launching the corresponding spacecraft, but should take a broader, more meaningful participatory [role] in space activities. This includes developing of its own competencies in this area", Putin said.

11:25 GMT 23.12.2021Putin Urges Foreign Internet Giants to Observe Russian LawsPresident Vladimir Putin stressed on Thursday that international Internet giants must obey the Russian legislation and that requirements could be tightened if deemed necessary.11:14 GMT 23.12.2021Russian President Assures He Did Everything to Find Masterminds Behind Murders of Politician Boris Nemtsov and Journalist Anna PolitkosvkayaThe Russian president stressed that the search for those behind the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya and opposition politician Boris Nemtsov will continue.

"I did everything to solve these crimes. The relevant instructions and orders were given to all law enforcement and special services. As you know, people are in jail for the crimes committed", Putin said at his big press conference in response to a journalist's question whether he personally knew the names of those who had ordered the murders of Politkovskaya and Nemtsov.

Prominent Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who worked for the Novaya Gazeta newspaper, was killed in her own house on 7 October 2006. Her professional work was considered to be a motive for the crime.In June 2014, a Moscow court gave life sentences to Lom-Ali Gaitukayev and Rustam Makhmudov for murdering Politkovskaya. Their accomplices, Ibrahim Makhmudov, Dzhabrail Makhmudov and former policeman Sergei Khadzhikurbanov, were also convicted and imprisoned. Those who ordered the murder have not been found yet.In turn, Boris Nemtsov, an opposition politician who served as Russian deputy prime minister and energy minister under the country’s former President Boris Yeltsin in the 1990s, was shot at several times on 27 February 2015 from a bypassing car in central Moscow.Five individuals were convicted in 2017 of being involved in Nemtsov’s murder and were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 11 to 20 years.11:13 GMT 23.12.2021It’s Up to Donbass People to Decide Their Future, Putin Says11:09 GMT 23.12.2021Russia’s Law on ‘Foreign Agents’ is More Liberal Than That in the US, Putin Says11:08 GMT 23.12.2021Putin on Reports About Torture in Russian Prisons: 17 Criminal Cases Were Opened, Many Responsible Officials FiredThe Russian president has denounced incidents of torture in the Russian penitentiary system as an “obvious crime”. He said it’s necessary to conduct an unbiased investigation and ensure that those responsible know that punishment is inevitable.10:52 GMT 23.12.2021Putin: I Have Every Reason to Believe That Gas From Germany is Eventually Being Supplied to UkraineGazprom is not to blame for the energy crisis in Europe and all accusations of Kiev and the European Union against the Russian company are completely untrue, President Vladimir Putin said during his annual presser.”There is no truth here. This is just an attempt to turn everything upside down again… Yes, they lie all the time, that’s why they muddy the water”. He added that Gazprom supplies the entire volume of gas requested by its counterparties under existing contracts. Moreover, Gazprom has increased gas supplies to the countries outside the Commonwealth of Independent States, the president stressed.

"In my opinion, this is generally the only country, the only global company that behaves like this. I have already said at various events, including international ones, that, for example, US suppliers withdrew from Europe, from the European market …. of liquefied natural gas", Putin said.

Putin Links European Gas Crunch to EU Buying on Spot MarketsYesterday, 12:03 GMT10:46 GMT 23.12.2021Russia is Not to Blame for Record-Breaking Natural Gas Prices in Europe, Russian President StressesVladimir Putin has emphasised that unlike the United States, Russia is fulfilling its obligations on gas deliveries to Europe.The president said that Russia’s Gazprom had nothing to do with the gas crisis in Europe, and suggested the European nations should react to their gas problems, which they had created on their own, in a timely fashion.10:46 GMT 23.12.2021NATO Cheated Russia With Five Waves of Expansion, Putin Says as He Demands Security Guarantees10:37 GMT 23.12.2021Putin Urges West to Provide Russia With Security Guarantees Now10:35 GMT 23.12.2021US is on Russia’s Doorstep With Its Missiles, Putin SaysRussian President Vladimir Putin has said that not placing US missiles near Russian borders is “not too much to ask”, as he wondered ho Washington would react if Moscow were to place its missiles in Canada or Mexico.“It was the United States that came to our house with its missiles … Is this too much to ask for? Not to place attack systems near our home? What is so unusual here?” Putin said at his annual press conference.10:32 GMT 23.12.2021NATO Expansion to the East is Unacceptable for Russia, Putin SaysAmerican Patriot missiles deployed in Poland - Sputnik International, 1920, 23.12.2021Putin Warns NATO Expansion Eastward is Unacceptable: ‘US Has Come to Our Doorstep With Its Missiles’Yesterday, 10:34 GMT

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