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Staffers at Astroworld Were Instructed to Refer to Possible Dead Fans as ‘Smurfs’ – Report – 10.11.2021, Sputnik International

Staffers at Astroworld Were Instructed to Refer to Possible Dead Fans as ‘Smurfs’ – Report – 10.11.2021, Sputnik International

Kirill KurevlevCorrespondentAll materialsWrite to the authorIt is unknown why the term “smurf” was chosen or whether employees actually used the code on the radio when referring to Astroworld stampede victims, some of whom were described by eyewitnesses as turning blue as they suffocated.Astroworld music festival’s employees were ordered to refer to possibly deceased concertgoers as “smurfs,” while witnesses described victims turning “black and blue,” CNN reported, citing an obtained security and emergency medical response plan.CNN released a 56-page Event Operations Plan that advises staff at NRG Park in Houston to never use the terms “dead” or “deceased” on the radio.

"Notify Event Control of a suspected deceased victim utilizing the code “Smurf”. Never use the term “dead” or “deceased” over the radio," the document reads, advising using the name for the blue animated characters instead.

Incidents involving an active shooter, bad weather, and a possible riot or civil unrest are among the possibilities included in the plan. CNN noted that the document it obtained is labeled Version: 0.1, and it is unknown whether or not this was the final version of the plan or when it was developed.

Nevertheless, despite an incident from the same festival in November 2019, in which three people were hospitalized after being trampled, the plan reportedly did not address crowd surges.Furthermore, the plan established a clear line of command in the event of an issue, designating the executive producer and festival director as the only people with the power to halt the concert.According to Insider, spokesperson for the Houston Mayor’s Office Brent Taylor expressed the opinion that the inclusion of the code word in the plan, which was prepared before Friday’s fatal event, was “operational.”

Travis Scott Was Reportedly Arrested Twice in the Past for Inciting Fans7 November, 20:36 GMTChief Troy Finner of the Houston Police Department said he spoke with Travis Scott and the rapper’s chief of security just before the event on Friday to voice his concerns about public safety.

When a mass of fans among the 50,000 concertgoers stormed the stage during rapper Travis Scott’s performance, eight individuals between the ages of 14 and 27 were killed and about 300 were injured, including a 9-year-old youngster who is in a coma. Although Houston authorities declared the incident a “mass casualty” situation, Scott reportedly proceeded to perform for another 30 minutes. He then claimed that he was unaware that people were dying in the audience, and soon offered to cover all of the expenses for victims’ funerals.

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