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Pelosi Says Congress Still Plans on Passing $1.75 Trillion Reconciliation Bill Next Week – 09.11.2021, Sputnik International

Pelosi Says Congress Still Plans on Passing $1.75 Trillion Reconciliation Bill Next Week – 09.11.2021, Sputnik International

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The US Congress still intends to pass the $1.75 trillion reconciliation bill that funds social welfare and climate change efforts next week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Tuesday during a press conference at the UN Climate Conference in Glasgow.“Yes, we intend, that is our plan, to pass the [reconciliation] bill the week of November 15, as is indicated in our statements that were made at the time of passing the infrastructure bill, and we’re very proud of that,” Pelosi said.The $1.75 trillion legislation, known as the Build Back Better Act, would expand spending on certain social welfare and climate change programs if passed.Pelosi and other congressional Democratic leaders at the press conference spoke about the measure’s potential impact on the development of green energy technology, climate resiliency and widespread economic prosperity.
Congress passed last week a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that will fund the construction of bridges, roads and electric vehicle infrastructure, as well as expand internet access nationwide.
Speaking at the summit, Pelosi also addressed gender inequality in climate action, noting that 80% of people displaced worldwide by global warming are women.“Addressing a rapidly changing climate is a matter of justice and equality with the most vulnerable, the most affected, including indigenous communities, less developed countries and … women,” Pelosi told delegates attending today´s event, which was focused on how to boost women´s role in the climate fight.The US House speaker, who is leading a 21-strong congressional delegation, said at the plenary that the current crisis is a “threat multiplier” that amplifies and accelerates existing inequities in “our economies and societies.”Pelosi also highlighted US president Joe Biden´s renewed commitment to tackle climate change after his predecessor Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Agreement, and underlined the broad scope of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill recently passed by the House of Representatives.

According to Pelosi, the bill “recognizes the interconnectedness of climate change and gender justice and enables women and girls to lead a just transition to clean energy economy of the future.”The COP26 running in Glasgow from October 31 till November 12 is seen by many as the world´s last chance to reach meaningful commitments to cut greenhouse emissions, achieve carbon neutrality and limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.

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