June 10, 2023, 7:40

French Presidential Hopeful Zemmour Condemns Video of Supporters ‘Shooting at Imaginary Macron’

French Presidential Hopeful Zemmour Condemns Video of Supporters ‘Shooting at Imaginary Macron’

PARIS (Sputnik) – French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour has condemned a video showing some of his supporters shooting at imaginary targets, including French President Emmanuel Macron and members of the democratic socialist party La France Insoumise.”You are neither my supporters, nor my activists, nor even my friends. I condemn beforehand everything that you will do on my behalf in the course of my election campaign. I do not need your support or your help”, Zemmour wrote in a communique posted on his Twitter account.Zemmour called the participants of the video “idiots”, who pretended to use him and his candidacy to shoot at images of his political opponents.The politician called on left-wing representatives to follow his example and condemn the anti-fascists who have “pursued” him.
An investigation has been launched after the videos, posted on Twitter by Antifa group La Jeune Garde and investigative journal Mediapart, showed a man wearing a cap with the words “Ben Voyons” (“Well, let’s see”) on it and holding a rifle. The phrase is largely associated with Zemmour and is often raised as a slogan by his supporters. The man then suggests shooting at French President Emmanuel Macron and fires a shot at a target.
In another video filmed at the same location, a different man “targets” Raquel Garrido, the ex-spokesperson for La France Insoumise.

Zemmour officially announced his intention to run in the French presidential election, scheduled for April 2022, on 30 November. Days later, he launched a new political party, Reconquête

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