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Somali Opposition Plans to Block Roads Leading to Presidential Residence, Reports Say – 27.12.2021, Sputnik International

Somali Opposition Plans to Block Roads Leading to Presidential Residence, Reports Say – 27.12.2021, Sputnik International

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Armed opposition groups are planning to block roads leading to the residence of President Mohamed Farmaajo in the Somali capital of Mogadishu after the ousting of his political rival, Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, the Somali Guardian reported on Monday, citing sources.Heavily armed groups have entered parts of Mogadishu and intend to block roads leading to the presidential residence, the sources told the Somali Guardian. Armored combat vehicles have been stationed at the gates of the residence, the newspaper said.

Earlier on Monday, Farmaajo dismissed Roble over accusations of land grabbing from the country’s naval forces for personal gain. The president also said Roble has tried to undermine the ongoing corruption investigation into the issue, while the prime minister has denied all allegations.

The military has expressed their opposition to Farmaajo’s actions, calling them an “attempted coup by the president”, during a meeting held in Roble’s office in the capital of Mogadishu, local Garowe newspaper reported.
Roble, in turn, has accused Farmaajo of trying to disrupt the country’s elections to illegally stay in office and urged the military to stop obeying the president’s orders, the newspaper said.

"The outrageous statement from immediate former President, Mohamed Abdullahi (Farmajo) regarding the work of the PM & his failed attempt to militarily take over the OPM [office of the prime minister] is a violation of the constitution & other laws, the consequences of which will be solely shouldered by Farmajo," Roble's office tweeted.

The prime minister is carrying on with his duties, including the organization of the delayed legislative elections, to ensure “a peaceful transition of power,” the office added in a follow-up tweet.
The US Embassy in Somalia called on the two officials to abate tensions and avoid violence.

"We strongly urge #Somalia’s leaders to take immediate steps to de-escalate tensions in [the Somali capital of] Mogadishu, refrain from provocative actions, and avoid violence," the mission wrote on Twitter.

In September, Somali media reported that Farmaajo had temporarily suspended the work of the prime minister’s office due to disagreements over the resignation of the head of national intelligence. The sides settled their differences a month later and agreed to accelerate preparations for the elections, which Roble has been put in charge of.The country’s legislative elections were scheduled to take place from 1 October to 20 November, but fell through.

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