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Teenage Son of Glenn Youngkin Attempted to Illegally Vote Twice in Virginia Election – 05.11.2021, Sputnik International

Teenage Son of Glenn Youngkin Attempted to Illegally Vote Twice in Virginia Election – 05.11.2021, Sputnik International

Nevin BrownAll materialsElection officials have revealed that Glenn Youngkin’s 17-year-old son tried to vote, twice, in the Virginia gubernatorial election. According to election officials, on Election Day, November 5th, Youngkin’s son went to the Hickory precinct in Fairfax County, Virginia at 9:30 am and requested a ballot. He was denied a ballot due to his age and was reportedly offered a registration form to participate in future elections. Youngkin’s son turned down the gesture and reportedly left the precinct.A half-hour later, he reportedly showed up at the precinct and again requested a ballot. Again, he was turned down and offered a registration form.A spokesperson for Glenn Youngkin’s campaign issued a statement over the incident, “It’s unfortunate that while Glenn attempts to unite the Commonwealth around his positive message of better schools, safer streets, a lower cost of living, and more jobs, his political opponents—mad that they suffered historic losses this year—are pitching opposition research on a 17-year old kid who honestly misunderstood Virginia election law and simply asked polling officials if he was eligible to vote; when informed he was not, he went to school.”Notes made by election officials at the Hickory precinct, and the remarks made by Youngkin’s campaign staffer appear to be at odds.

In the state of Virginia, individuals must be at least 18 years of age to vote in elections. Youngkin’s son, whose name has not been widely publicized because he is a minor, has not been charged with a crime.In Virginia, it is not reportedly a crime for ineligible voters to request a ballot, so long as they do not provide false information in the process.In a statement, Fairfax County Registrar Scott Konopasek, said, “The man did not vote. He made no false statements. He did not disrupt voting. Based upon information available to me now, it appears that he committed no election offense as defined in Chapter 10 of the Elections Code.”While Glenn Youngkin’s son is not currently facing any criminal charges, it has not been reported whether he is facing a grounding from his Dad, the governor-elect.

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